Side Loader Trucks

Why sideloaders or sidelifts?

When you need to move a long load, the the sideloader truck has no rival.

A sideloader truck carries its load parallel to the direction of travel.

It doesn't need extra wide doorways, gangways or large turning areas. It can stack, handle and travel in aisles only a fraction wider than itself.

While it's travelling, a sideloader carries the load on a flat, stable platform (up to 1800 mm wide on a Boss 559). So the forks and mast suffer less wear and tear. And the load itself remains unstressed, undisturbed, undamaged.

A typical sideloader truck can weigh less than a conventional forklift of the same capacity. Its weight, laden or unladen, is evenly distributed over all four wheels so there's less need for high- strength, high quality surfaces, and less wear and tear on travel areas.
Compared with a conventional forklift, the sidelift is a complete one-man, one-truck handling system.

It will work faster in less space, with greater safety. And because it works in less space, it leaves more space for storage.


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