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The Boss 500 series is industry’s long established favourite workhorse for 400kg to 6000kg long loads. Always a standard setter for productivity and reliability, the 500 series now boasts a list of enhancements for even better performance. Those new features raise the standard for sidelift performance even higher.

Lean Clean Power

The new Boss 500 sideloader is powered by the Perkins 1004.42 diesel. Proved in industry applications all over the world, its 4-cylinder 4.0 litre performance produces more power at low rpm than other engines. It runs without stress, with minimum wear, minimum emissions and maximum fuel economy. It’s also designed to run with simple and infrequent service attention, for as much as 11,000 hrs before major overhaul.

New Manoeuvrability

Square corners on a sideloader platform simply add to turning radius. Cut-off corners on the new 500 reduce the turning circle, and eliminate a common point of damage. But Boss research showed that corners do help drivers judge position. On the new 500, the amount of cut-off has been decided with the help of drivers – who know what’s best.

New Service Access

Boss sideloaders have always offered superb driveline access, with lift-off cover panels. Now, two panels on each side make access even easier.

New Versatilitiy

Ordinary masts extend as the forks are raised – meaning when a sideloader works indoors, extra headroom is required just to lift or lower the load.

Free lift masts allow a degree of fork movement without mast extension, ideal for working in lower headroom. The new Boss 500 series comes, in standard form, with masts that allow free lift to platform height. The standard mast is also 4m duplex design – because research showed that’s what most customers want. So now, the Boss 500 sideloader will lift to the height you need, in more places than ever before.

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