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Safety fast 4-point suspension

On every Boss sidelift, the axles have interconnected hydraulic suspension cylinders on the cab side, and pivot mountings on the load side.
This forms a hydraulically damped suspension system, ensuring flywheel contact and a smoother ride over uneven ground. The Boss suspension system tilts the platform, mast and forks together. Loads are safely cradled on the forks and platform, against chassis- mounted load posts. Load pitching during acceleration and braking is eliminated. Truck and platform centre of gravity are lower. Pivot mounting on the load side, and cylinders on the cab side ensure minimum stress on the hydraulic system during the critical stages of loading and unloading. The tendency of the truck to lean towards the load is reduced, and truck stability is improved.

Safe work ...

Boss sidelifts have a long wheelbase and wide track, with a low centre of gravity. Laden and unlaced weight distribution mean ample lateral stability  and generous safety margins  at speed. Safe progressive braking (vital on a lift truck) comes from large, power assisted, cool-running drum brakes.

Long work...

Boss research reveals a surprising fact: sidelift drivers work, on average, 60% longer shifts than their forklift counterparts. Sidelift drivers frequently work 10 - 12 hr shifts, in contrast with the 6 - 8 hr shifts of to: frontlift driver. In a sidelift, the standards required for driver comfort and alertness are extremely high.
Boss sidelifts are built to operate at low noise levels (important for bystanders, too) as low as 73dB(A)Leq.

Cabs are suspended on flexible mountings to eliminate fatiguing vibration. Foot pedals and hand controls are positioned for natural, comfortable use.
Seating is fully adjustable.

Instruments are few, warning indicators are easy to see. The cab environment is controllable and comfortable, and visibility is clear. Driving a Boss sidelift safely and efficiently is a pleasure, even through the longest shift.


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